New Course Approval

How to propose a course for Continuing Education

Heidi Blasius, Continuing Education Committee (CEC) Chair – [email protected]

Lauren Maza, Director of Student & Professional Development – [email protected]

One of the most important functions of the Society is the maintenance and enhancement of the technical, professional, and administrative knowledge and skills of its members.The CEC is charged with that task and encourages individuals and subunits to develop and propose continuing education (CE) activities for approval. The CEC must approve all CE courses or activities sponsored by the American Fisheries Society.

Course Proposal & Approval Process:

  • Download and complete the 2019 CE-Course Approval Form.
    • The CEC is more likely to approval course proposals if detailed curriculum design information is provided. This Example of a Course Approval Form (PDF) provides an example of the level of detail the CEC looks for when evaluating course proposals. In an effort to save time and work, it is recommend course proposers include a similar level of detail on submitted approval forms.
    • Contact the Director of Student & Professional Development for questions about completing approval forms.
  • Email completed course approval form to [email protected] at least 3 months prior to the course date.
  • The Director of Student & Professional Development will distribute completed course approval forms to the CEC for review, consideration, and disposition.
  • The Director of Student & Professional Development will notify the course proponent of the CEC’s decision to approve or reject the proposed course. In some cases, the CEC will conditionally approve a proposed course pending incorporation of suggested revisions. Proponents who implement the CEC’s revisions may resubmit a revised course approval form to the Director of Student & Professional Development who will, in turn, resubmit it to the CEC chair for a second review.
  • For proponents who are notified of an approval decision by the Committee, the Director of Student & Professional Development will notify course proponents of the CEC’s approval decision by email confirmation and additional instructions. In order for students to receive credit for participation in an AFS-approved activity, the
  • All CE instructor(s) must record attendance and return the attendance roster via email to [email protected]

For more information on the Continuing Education Program, or to apply for Continuing Education sponsorship at an AFS Annual Meeting or Chapter/Division/Subunit meeting, please contact the Director of Student & Professional Development.