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All about the American Fisheries Society books program

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) Books Department is a full-service publisher that offers complete planning, peer review, manuscript development, editorial, production, distribution, and marketing guidance and assistance. In addition to individually inspired projects, the program supports the publishing efforts of AFS subunits and enters into partnerships with other organizations (public and private) to produce high-quality information products.

The Books Program promotes excellence in the teaching and practice of fisheries science and management by developing, publishing, and disseminating textbooks, reference books, manuals, handbooks, and conference proceedings. In-depth studies on fisheries and interdisciplinary subjects, thematically-related collections of papers, and general interest books are produced for classroom learning, continuing professional development, and public education. Alternative media products (videos, computer software, and CD-ROMs) are also under development within the Books Program.

The latest aspects of research, management, policy, and techniques are addressed by AFS books on fish biology and ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem management, restoration and conservation, introduced species, native species, genetics, evolution, statistics and mathematics, administration, sampling, engineering, aquaculture, and more. Also covered are sociology, economics, water quality, and other related aspects of aquatic science. Books are marketed widely and provide an opportunity for experts to share their knowledge not only with AFS members, but also with the fisheries community outside of AFS.

The Books Program is guided by a Strategic Plan that is based on AFS member input. Program direction is, therefore, responsive to the needs of individuals involved in fisheries science. The Book Editorial Advisory Board is composed of Society volunteers who have a strong interest in publications and who collectively represent a broad base of subject area knowledge. Using the Strategic Plan and data provided by staff, the Board recommends book topics, potential authors, and content outlines. They also evaluate proposals submitted independently of the plan.

The Books Program offers

  • Close working relationships with authors and editors
  • A network of experts to review manuscripts
  • Editorial support at all levels
  • The latest production techniques
  • A commitment to quality products at affordable prices
  • Access to a wide range of related markets

The AFS Books Program seeks to anticipate, identify, and respond to the information needs of its customers and to transfer science-based information to the broadest possible audience including the public. The Books Department is interested in receiving comments and suggestions about our products and services.

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Interested in Writing or Editing a Book?

Book proposals from prospective authors and editors are welcomed. We are also interested in ideas for new publications. E-mail Laura Hendee at [email protected], or call 301-897-8616, ext. 227.

Book Editorial Advisory Board 

  • Dr. Carl Ruetz, III, Grand Valley State University
  • Dr. Roger Rulifson, East Carolina University
  • Dr. Allen Curry, University of New Brunswick
  • Dr. Kevin Pope, University of Nebraska
  • Dr. Bruce Vondracek, University of Minnesota
Book Department
American Fisheries Society
425 Barlow Place, Suite 110
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2199
Phone: 301-897-8616, ext. 227
E-mail: [email protected]

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