Meet Our Members

Members are the most important part of any society. Meet some AFS members today!

Screen-Shot-2015-02-09-at-1.42.22-PM-300x192The American Fisheries Society (AFS) is a tightly-knit community of individuals and institutions across the world.  Some of our individual members are bright, young students, aspiring early-career professionals, and well-established scientists.  Meet some of them in our Spotlights on Members!

A dedicated few have spent their entire careers involved in the AFS and have earned special recognition as Golden Members.  These individuals have spent at least 50 years in AFS and are some of the most inspiring fisheries professionals you could hope to meet!

Institutions who support and engage in AFS include our Associate, Official and Sustaining Members. These institutions are essential partners and supporters lending credibility and strength to the American Fisheries Society, and we appreciate their enduring support.