Motions for Membership Vote at Business Meeting in Grand Rapids

Proposed Motion #1:

The AFS Management Committee recommend that the AFS Governing Board approve revisions to the AFS Rules as provided below (a new subsection inserted after the current 5.b) and to submit the revision to the AFS membership for a vote at the AFS Business meeting in Grand Rapids.

5.c. Except for Society officers, voting members of the Management Committee may establish a single alternate to represent them at Management Committee meetings when they are unable to participate.   The alternate must be a current elected officer of the members’ respective unit (Past President, President Elect or similar level of leadership) and not a current member of the Management Committee.  The single alternate must be designated in writing to the Executive Director prior to the first Management Committee meeting after the AFS annual meeting.  When the primary representative to the Management Committee is unable to participate, the alternate has full voting privileges.

Proposed Motion #2 – To establish the Development Committee as a Standing Committee of the Society by incorporating the language below in the AFS Rules and Procedures

Development Committee Proposal

Purposes, Composition, and Duties of Development Committee


The Development Committee is appointed by and responsible to the Management Committee of AFS to assume the primary responsibility for guiding and executing fundraising efforts. The committee works with the staff to develop and execute the organization’s fund development plan and goals. The committee will help educate and inform members about resources needed to realize the organization’s mission. The committee will aid the organization in identifying, cultivating, and approaching donors as well as identifying alternative sources of revenue for other organizational commitments.


Appointments of the Chair and members of the Development Committee will be made annually by the President, with terms spanning a two-year period. Care should be taken to obtain broad representation in committee membership. This is important so that, to the extent possible, committee perspectives reflect that of the Society.  Geographic location, professional expertise, and employment sector are primary criteria for committee balancing.


  1. In partnership with AFS Staff, develop annual fundraising plan that will generate funds in support for the organization’s goals.
  2. Develop a plan for engaging and involving various volunteer leaders and members to make suggestions and insights into new funding sources.
  3. Investigate new fundraising projects, activities, and ideas for possible use in the future.
  4. Submit regular reports to the Management Committee on the progress of fund development activities.

Operational Guidelines:

  1. The committee will meet at least once per quarter.
  2. The committee and/or committee chair will oversee a compilation of suggested organizations and contacts to target.
  3. The committee will host and attend one annual event recognizing the donors in conjunction with the AFS Annual Meeting.

The committee will assist in recognizing and stewarding donors and partners, by assisting staff in outreach efforts.